Tuesday, February 28, 2012

iPad3, It’s Getting My Attention

my first iPod is 3rd gen.
my first iPhone is 3rd gen.
my first iPod nano is 3rd gen.

do you see the pattern here?

Apple is at the cusp of releasing their 3rd generation iPad, and it’s getting my attention.  IF the rule of "3rd gen" prevails the iPad3 will prove to be a device worth the wait.

so far the only rumors circling the blogo-sphere is that the iPad3 will have the A5X processor, and retina display. i’m surprised that no mention of increase storage has been projected; perhaps a boost from 64GB to 128GB - which would be the ultimate deal-breaker for me.

in any case whatever it happens to have it will be a pretty impressive piece of hardware all for the same price points that Apple will hold for all configs.

lately i have been using my iPhone 3GS to view Netflix. soon i’ll be a subscriber to Hulu+, which means that i’ll be able to watch their content on my iPhone as well. better if i could watch all that content - as well from other sources - from a device with a larger screen.

and though i can accomplish those on a laptop i’m curious what it’s like to manage my apps on an iPad such as SkySafari, Palnets, Cro-Mag, and (of course) Angry Birds. in addition to games are my social apps such as Blogger, Twitter, OkCupid, and LinkedIn.

Pandora has optimized their app’s interface to take advantage of that extra screen real estate.

i am tempted to try out GarageBand and iMovie along with SoundCloud and Vimeo.

i suppose if the Harry Potter series of books are made into digital versions an eBook reader of sorts such as iBook, or the Kindle app would be a good thing to have. assuming the iPad looses a little more weight - which could be another promising feature.

waiting for 3rd gen Apple products have assured me some future proofing. this is especially true with my iPhone 3GS as i have managed to upgrade iOS from the original v3 to the current version (v5.01) without any issues, and with negligible loss of functionality from the OS itself (no Siri, who cares).

previous iPads have featured updates found in the upcoming iPhones:

  • iPad  from iPhone 4
  • iPad2 from iPhone 4S 
  • iPad3 from iPhone 5?

assuming that the iPad3 will come with some serious updates including 8MP camera & 1080p video recordings, i could see keeping this thing for the next three generations, or until Apple come out with the next big gimmick in mobile tech.


in an earlier entry i posted about how i was not getting an iPad when it was first released, because i didn't know how the iPad would fit into my digital life. many of those reasons stated still stands, however, now to a lesser consideration thanks to the updates made to iPad2.

if the iPad3 manages to loose a little more weight handling this thing will be less tiresome to hold on to

if it comes with a faster CPU with increased system memory and graphics specs the iPad3 could prove to be a serious gaming, or audio/visual content creation device.

if comes out with a retina display, looking at text may be less straining on eyes despite having a bright LED backlight.

many games and applications are being tailored specifically to be used with a large touch surface.

and i like the fact that it can connect to a 1080p TV to view content from Netflix and Hulu with one simple cable, or wirelessly via AirPlay assuming that i cave in and get an Apple TV as well - a 3rd gen Apple TV that is.

so i’m wondering if there could be room in my digital life for the iPad after all.  however, i'm cynical enough to conclude that despite all those spec bumps & life benefits from this 3rd gen device, it may not be worth it still.  i've always thought, and still do - from the moment it was first introduced - the iPad is a unique device deserving of unique applications by unique & creative people.  i guess i’ll never know how i’ll truly feel about the iPad3 until it comes out.  still, for a 3rd gen Apple device, if there’s one to get, the iPad3 will be the one.


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