Monday, April 28, 2008

DIY, Nike+ sensor, shrink tube

the following is a do-it-yourself project using a Nike+ sensor and a heat shrink tube. because heat is involved, which could potential damaged the sensor, or worse burn you house down, and you plan to attempt this, please


i am not responsible of your project's outcome. also despite the appearance of this project being performed on a computer desk, the project was actually performed on a hard, dry, non-flammable work surface.
you have been warned.

ok, now that's out of the way, i'm not sure if this has been done before, but i swear i came up with this on my own. at the very least i couldn't find anything like this on the interweb.

my best friend billy gave me a great Christmas gift to keep me running and motivated - the NIKE+ sensor kit and wrist remote. some of the coolest gadgets i have ever gotten. here is my problem - my running kicks aren't Nike+ compatible, and i'm not gonna dish out another $100 for a pair that is.

now i know there are solutions to this. has a few entries for little pouches you slip the sensor into then attach to you kicks. these pouches are priced pretty reasonably at $12+/-, but i came up with a solution that only cost me $1.50 at the Home Depot and has a very low profile look to it. the solution - shrink tube!

for this project you'll need the following:
1. 3/4" x 4" heat shrink tubing
2. a heat gun
3. a pair of scissors
4. the Nike+ sensor

step 1, insert the sensor into the shrink tube with the label side facing down on a hard, dry, non-flammable surface such as a hobby workbench, NOT a computer desk pictured here.

make sure the sensor is centered within the tube.

step 2: this next step PROCEED WITH CAUTION! apply heat from a heat gun. before some of you tech geeks call me out, i know - pictured here is a hair dryer. hair dryers do not produce enough heat to shrink these kinds of tubes effectively. just pretend its a heat gun as a visual aid.

anyway apply heat on all side except the bottom (this is important). make sure to apply the heat around the areas surrounding the sensor, not directly on the sensor. if you don't have a heat gun, you could use a cigarette lighter. in either case BE CAREFUL when applying the heat, or face damaging the sensor, or becoming homeless.

when you are complete you should see the shrink tube take the shape and contour of the sensor. the top side should have a plateau, and the bottom side should be as flat as possible.

step 3: now insert the shrink-tubed sensor between the laces of your running kicks with the contour side up. in this orientation the laces hug the sensor securely.

you may use your scissors to trim down a little of the excessive tubing on both ends. not too much or you'll loose its effectiveness. if your sneaks happen to have a center loop for the lace, tuck the bottom end of the tubing under the center loop for a more secure fit.

and there you have it. a Nike+ retro fitted sneaker for only a $1.50. looks pretty sharp and minimalistic too. enjoy your run.



Sean said...

Would this work with my New Balance shoes?

@riel said...

it should fit most running sneakers with especially if those sneakers use spaghetti laces like mine do. of course this D.I.Y. project is open for improvements if it doesn't work on some sneakers.

Sean said...

Sorry for the necromancy, but I just thought you'd like to know that Apple thinks "hacking" your sneakers makes you a dirty criminal!